Tuesday, October 21, 2014

First Week out of the MTC

Week 3:

September 22, 2014

Well I will add pictures and descriptions on a second email, it works better that way!! 

A lot has happened since the time I was able to talk. I enjoyed my roommates very much they were all good. One was a little handful but it was okay, he just thought he knew everything and thought he had to be in charge. But it's okay. I really did enjoy my companion he was a goofball but when it came to teaching in the MTC he was serious so it was good. Elder Riley was his name, he's from Kuna Idaho. Funny guy, loves to sing and is very kind. He is big guy. Haha no general authorities in the MTC however the Tuesday we left someone was suppose to be there, so I just missed them. Sad day! But this Tuesday we are going down to Jacksonville because Brother Golden is coming to talk with us. 

I love Fernandina Beach, this place is absolutely beautiful and it really is an island, looks and weather. Noises as well! Lots of frogs, crickets, birds and such. I have not died from the humidity yet, but it hasn't been that bad yet. However the other day we biked through a storm and got soaked so it was bad. But according to my companion and trainer Elder Jolley, that was nothing compared to what he has seen. 

Well I want to tell you about the coolest experience that's happened to me so far. So we have been talking to a kid named Xavier and he is 21 and just got out of jail. He wasn't in for very long but while he was in there he needed a change and felt like God could help him. So yesterday while we were teaching him on the steps outside his apartment about the plan of salvation he was very interesting and seemed to understand all of it. And after me and Elder Jolley taught him I asked him to be baptized and he agreed!!!! And that's not the best part, so after that I said a closing prayer and after I said amen he said, "I swear every time you pray it's like God is talking directly to me, it's so weird!" It was such an amazing experience and it's something I will never forget!! The power of the Holy Ghost is real and it's powerful!! 

I'm looking forward to getting a package soon!! :) I would hope I get my shoes by oct 12 cause I give a talk in sacrament that day. Haha the ward I'm in is very small, including us Elders there was 5 of us. Haha but that just means there is more to do in the ward. Everyone is so nice and friendly and I am now in the ward choir! Haha I'm a tenner or however you spell it. Ohh and I will have the bike my whole mission so it needs to be nice enough to last but I don't want an expensive one!! 

Love, Elder Holt

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