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Last Week with Elder Jolley!

Week 8:

October 28, 2014:

Tuesday Oct 21st 2014

Today was the day of our apartment cleanliness check! Haha which wasn't a big deal cause our apartment is clean almost all the time, there's no reason for it to be dirty because we aren't in here that often. Haha and that took some time after district meeting which was about social meeting and how Elder Bednar said that we should "sweep the Earth as with a flood." With social media stuff that are good, authentic and uplifting messages. And of course use #sharegoodness on your posts! Social Media can be used for good if we use it right, and it should be used for the Lords work in uplifting and making people happy with (what I like to say) Christ like messages of goodness! It would a perfect training for me as I am about to receive training on Facebook so I can apply this training to my Facebook when I get it. It's gonna be interesting using a Facebook on a mission but it is definitely something that could be very very useful if it is used correctly and not abused. At this point in time, social media and technology is at its impetus for the gospels progression. We have so many accouterments to use that can be very beneficial to the Lords work but only if we use them unrequitedly. And when we don't... That's when the adversary jumps in, cause he will every chance he gets. Which gives rise to the saying, there is opposition in all things, whether we think so or not. To every Light there is a Darkness. It's funny how the Lord Has set up things, because natural light cannot be taken away... (Not including a black hole) It can be hidden... It can be covered... But not taken away. Darkness on the other hand, can be taken away, when a candle is lit, it takes that darkness away and fills it with light!! Why do you think that is so?!? Because that's just how it is?! Or how about because God is Light and can never be overcome, and Satan is darkness and can very well be overcome, all it takes is using the Light of Christ that we ALL possess. I have no idea why I had the desire to share that with all y'all I just thought I should. :)

Wednesday Oct 22nd 2014

Wow, not much at all exciting happened today. We had the usual studies, ate and then had a lesson with sister Kardel at the usual time and place. Then after that we biked to Amity's to have a lesson and that went well as usual, she is super strong spirited and can't wait to receive a call. It's great to see new members so active and we can only continue to keep her excited in this wonderful work. Then we just contacted potentials we had to see if we could set any appointments up with them. Then we knocked some doors as well, just to see if we could find anyone new. Not really any luck though! :( then later we had missionary correlation meeting and talked a little about our gators and how we can work to get them to come to church or to continue teaching them, or obviously to baptize them. But our main goal is get the, to feel the Holy Ghost so they can start the process to change their lives. Cause this gospel really does change people for the better and I know it has changed my life and they way I look at things. I just know EVERYONE can benefit from this gospel because it IS true!!

Thursday Oct 23rd 2014

So far this week has been really slow and somewhat stressful because appointments keep falling through and disappointments and stuff like that. One good thing that came from today was a lady we have been teaching named Faye. She has to lay in her bed and she has a wheelchair because she has polio. She is a nice lady and loves when we talk to her, sometimes she doesn't understand what we talk about so it can be frustrating because we are being as simple as we can, but some people just don't see it the same way we do. But we taught her and at the end we invited her to be baptized and she said she would!! It was a great thing that we were able to get her to recognize the importance of it and her blessings she has had in her life. She also said she had fell off her wheelchair a couple days ago and her shoulder was hurting and she hadn't moved it in a while or when she did it really hurt. So we asked to give her a blessing and in the blessing I felt the need to say she would feel better and after the prayer she tried to sit up and she said her shoulder wasn't hurting anymore. It was a massive boost to my testimony that this Priesthood is the power of act in God's name and if we are worthy and we have received it by the proper authority then we can use it to heal and comfort. It's so true, I am a living witness to that!! Things like that make the day no, matter what else happens!

Friday Oct 24th 2014

So today an investigator wanted to take us to lunch. His name is Juan and he is very religious studies a ton and talks about deep Bible doctrine all the time! Kinda funny actually, it's not contentious in any way, it's just discussion. But we really don't say anything cause we shouldn't get involved with any of that stuff. But he was still a cool guy fun hanging and talking about Church stuff with him for a little, then when we got back we just did the hour of Facebook, which I should be getting pretty soon. Sadly I am only allowed to add direct family members, and of course elders in my mission and investigators. And of course it's Friday so its weekly planning, which took super long cause we have a really busy week cause there is a huuuuge Halloween party that a member puts on for the community and we are gonna be there all day setting up and such. And even elders and sisters from our district will be coming to help. The members house is basically on a huge abandoned air strip. So it's way cool!! But that's the 31st, and it's gonna be cool. After planning we went to Bill and Scottie's and talked for a little but they were just heading out for dinner which was a bummer, but it's still awesome to talk to them even for a little because they are so fun to talk to, and we get along so great, so it's awesome. And apparently I look exactly like a friend of Bill's who was in the marines with him. Who was a machine gunner!! Haha which is super awesome to me, he said it's crazy how much we look alike. After talking with them for a while we decided to bike down to the south of the island and ended up eating at a Subway, and for those who do not know the South Island is the rich people! Haha So this subway is super nice! Haha but afterwards we met this amazing 95 year old man who did not look like it at all!! We were going to the bathroom in a gas station that was connected to the subway. He seemed to have life figured out, and could solve all the worlds problems. He was great, just so kind and loving! And then we biked all the way home and that was about time to be home, and with the time we had left we just laid out and looked at the stars. Parts made me wonder, there has to be a god, because Science just can't explain how this universe was made Ex Nihilo, it's just crazy. There has to be some higher power involved, no random explosion, all Gods power!! Its just crazy to think how we were all spirits and how if we live righteous to His commandments we too can create worlds someday.

Saturday Oct 25th 2014

So our Breakfast/Lunch was pretty interesting! Haha we sautéed some peppers and made some quesadillas, and put the peppers inside, which was delicious! Haha we also cooked some bacon in case it didn't turn out as good as we thought. Haha after we ate we went over to Jeans to have a lesson and she was just being very difficult. She just denies her feelings so much and her problems with her family is holding her back from getting baptized and it's a bummer. Not to mention I totally botched the lesson with her because I thought the story of Lehi would help but it was not a good one to use. So that really bummed me out, and my companion knew it. So what should we do to counteract my sadness... Tract apparently!! Haha but it turned out to be a little better, at least we met some okay people and a old Texan named King. Who said he reads the Book of Mormon and travels a ton and he's pretty interesting but said we probably won't be able to talk to him because he is never around. But it was good nonetheless. Jean was the first real disappointment I've had and it was hard, but I know there are many to come, for example when I gave Jean a blessing for some Kidney stones she was passing she said it worked and her pain went away and yet she still doesn't understand!! Ahhhh but it's not on my time, it's on the Lords time and that's something I need to understand. So that was tough, but the rest of the day turned out fine.

Sunday Oct 26th 2014

Well good news, Jean came to church today as she promised so that was good to see that she is making an effort. However it's hard when she doesn't feel the need to be baptized yet. But everything comes in the Lord's time, not ours. After church we had Ward council for a little and then they dismissed us and talked for a long time and we just sat out of the room and waited, cause brother Lasker was our ride and he was part of the meeting. But it was fine, got a chance to read some more. Then a couple hours after that we had a dinner scheduled at the Bishops house. They live north island so it was a bit of a ride, but it was worth it. We had pork chops, mashed potatoes, asparagus and some other vegetables and it was good. I love this Ward so much because they feed us and they are so kind and always making sure we are taken care of. Then we talked a little and headed out to see a family with a less active member, he was in a really bad car accident a while ago and is still in rehab kinda. But they are the Mclaughlins, he is a really funny guy and has lots of car stories, cause he is obsessed with older cars, I can't even count how many he's owned! Haha but we were able to have a lesson with him and his son (Adam) who is also less active, and a little later Adams friend came over and joined the lesson and we taught him a lot as well hand he was totally into it and we ended up giving him a Book of Mormon and that was super great news. It was a good night, cause we taught a lesson to the Mclaughlins and the kid (Jake). So it was a good night, got some stuff done which is always fulfilling!

Monday Oct 27th 2014

Today was an emotionally and physically exhausting day. So almost the whole morning we were just cleaning and packing the apartment for the move, which was tiring. We also had to pack all of our clothes in case we are being transferred. But luckily we had to do that anyways cause we are moving into a house. That took about half the day and then after a tedious process we decided to eat at a southern bbq place by our apartment called Sonny's. It was actually really good, I got a Beef Brisket sandwich which was amazing, especially when you put all the sauces they have. It a cool country restaurant environment to be in. Playing old country music and such, and the people are southern too so it fits. Haha Then after that we went to the Church to do Facebook. And that's always fun for an elder that doesn't have FB yet. Haha but then we got picked up by the former Elders quorum president Nick Lasker to take us to his house for dinner. And me and Elder Jolley were both happy cause we hadn't received a call from president that Elder Jolley was getting a leadership position. Which usually he doesn't call any later than 3 or 4. And it was 6!!! And so we were talking about that and what do you know, President calls and Elder Jolley is gonna be the new Zone Leader of the Gainesville area. Which means I get a new companion and I have to lead the area... Umm I've only been here a month and a half. Either president trusts me or he is crazy, and I hope it's cause he trusts me. Haha  so we were both super bummed at dinner because we get along so well and are really good friends, and we are about to get a car and the work was gonna pick up so well, and now in the blink of an eye I have to get to know someone else. Bummer!!! But it is what it is, it really sucks but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. So after all this we have to wait till 9 to listen to the conference call to see where we all are going and who our companion will be. Turns out my new companion is Elder Walt who is from San Diego, I've heard he is a very outgoing and cool guy and that he's nice. So I'm hopeful that we will get along and I hope all of this turns out well. But I know of I trust in the Lord he knows what's best for me. So my hopes are high, pray for me and pray for my mission y'all.

(three pictures above) This is as close to the beach as we can get

Elder Jolley and I at our last district meeting

A pretty view from a bridge

(Two pictures above) The first alligator in the swamp and 
now there's hundreds because of this guy, who is dead now!

a canoe and some pretty scenery!

with an alligator!

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