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The Holt Journal discourses for the Jacksonville Florida Mission 2014-2016

Week 6:

October 13, 2014

The Holt Journal discourses for the Jacksonville Florida Mission 2014-2016

Tuesday Oct 7th 2014

So today we had the usual wake up and get ready, but we have a
District meeting every Tuesday around 10 in the morning, so that was
today. We start with an opening song, then prayer, then we do
something called recitations, which are things we try to memorize on
our missions. It's 3 Nephi 5:13, D&C 4, the standard of truth, and a
mission motto. Then after that we go over district goals. Then we do
training, which are always good. I've done one training already last
week on Christlike attributes. Which is rare for a new missionary to
do. Haha but I guess I did a good job!! Haha the training is usually
15-20 minutes each, (two of them) and then 15 minutes of role play
applying what we just got trained on. So it's really good and it helps
a lot!! Today was good, it was about be united as a companionship and
how to piggyback off each other and support each other and testify to
what each of the missionaries are sharing. Then after that I usually
go on an exchange with a missionary from my district, right now I am
in Kingsland, Georgia with Elder Rodriquez from L.A. Haha he's cool
and very easy to get along with. So it's been fun so far. We just
finished service for the habitat for humanity and that was cool. Just
being able to help in such a good cause was good, and people see
missionaries helping and that's good for us too!!! We are now getting
ready to go out proselyting! So we are back home now and we walked a
lot and it was different from a bike, a lot more tiring!! Haha but we
didn't really get to talk to anyone, they all weren't interested so it
was sad. Haha but we went to chick fil a and it was delicious. haha
that kinda ended our day, we walked a ways so it took more time out of
the day. But it was a good day still, cool to meet a new missionary
that I got along with. Now we are just back in the apartment looking
up Populations of cities just for kicks and giggles!! Haha but we had
a super long convo about redwood trees and how big they are and then
we tried to figure out if 36 ft in circumference would be bigger or
diameter would be!! Haha missionaries are so weird!! But it's bed time
now, all in all a good day!! :)))

Wednesday Oct 8th 2014

Today was interesting to say the least. Me and Elder Rodriquez
attempted to blow up a bike tire tube, cause it had a leak. But we
couldn't! Hahaha we had it in the bath tub while the curtain was
closed and we were outside the curtain. Haha it was funny, we were
scared something bad was gonna happen, but nothing did, it just
deflated. Then we rode back to Fernandina cause the exchange was over.
I had received my package that my mom had sent me and expecting my new
shoes I got everything but that! Haha I got bed sheets, some candy, a
first aid pack she made, some shoe shine, and some thank you cards
for the people that gave me money!! Haha but no shoes! :( but it's
all good, it was cool getting a package, it was refreshing!
After that we talked about an investigator we were concerned for
and then went to a lesson at the church at 1 with a lady named
Betty Kardel. Super nice, we went over the commandments,
she is baptized but we go over the lessons again when
they are recently baptized.
Them after that we went to lunch at a Mexican place

called Barbaritos. It's almost like a chipotle style but
not as good! Haha but good enough, it's funny me and Elder Jolley
laugh a lot! Just about random stuff!! He is almost like a Mark
Cadwallader, in a weird way, idk it's cool though. Haha then after
that we went to another investigators house and talked for a really
long time then we had to go to mission correlation meeting, then by
the time that was over it was almost nine so we had to be back in the
apartment. Today was just a random day, It was just weird!! Haha
coming back from exchange is always weird. Now we are just listening
to music and chillin, probably go to bed soon. We started a fast for
the "gator" we are concerned for. Hopefully all goes well!! I know the
Lord will help if we have faith and do our part and she does her part.

Thursday Oct 9th 2014

So really the only thing that is worth talking about today is a lesson
we had with a guy named Bill Smith, superrrr cool guy. Kinda younger,
married with a kid on the way. He was in the marines and his wife is a
less active member but he's not a member. The lesson was just realllly
good, we talked about a lot of stuff that he was interested in and
seemed super receptive!! He was asking questions about the
organization of the Church and apostles and stuff and I was really
into it and said a ton of stuff by the spirit that was crazy, it
really testified to me that teaching by the spirit is so much more
powerful than by our own words!! I truly hope he felt that way and
hope he wants to hear more!! Cause he is awesome, very nice. He let us
in without a question and we just took off from there!!
Today was a good day because of that lesson!! Bad thing was some pot
roast juice which another lady we talked to today gave us, leaked in
my shoulder bag :((( but it's all good, haha wasn't a big deal. Still
a very good day!!

Friday Oct 10th 2014

Today was a cool day, we woke up and I had my weekly conference call
with the President with all the new Elders and Sisters I came out
with. Them after that we decided to clean our apartment cause it was
looking somewhat messy, and now it looks super awesome and I did so,e
rearranging at it looks even better!! Haha we had some time waiting
for Brother Teller (non member) to pick us up and take us back to his
house to help Sister Teller (member) make some posters and stuff for
the annual Halloween party that another member puts on. Supposedly
very big! Haha She also makes us food which is always excellent!!
Great cook and always sends us home with something! But the posters
and eating took a big chunk out of our day. So when we were done we
eventually went to help a lesser active member named Michael Potts
move furniture into his house. He is suuuuper funny. Kinda crazy and
is obsessed with FBI, CIA, and Scuba Diving. I think he is somewhat
special needs but still obviously functional to have his own place and
such. He's an older guy, he thinks everything is Mormon. Mormon juice,
Mormon candles, Mormon tv!! Hahaha it's hilarious. Then after that we
went over to Amity to go over some recent member lessons and that
always take awhile cause she talks a lot about whatever. Kinda a
hippy!! Then after we came home and now I'm here typing this!!!
Looooong day, seemed very quick though. Not sure why it seemed that
way, but it was a cool day. A more relaxed day, not sure how I feel
about that. Haha

Saturday 11th 2014

Today we went to help a Lady named Lindsey move some furniture. Her
family has members and she knows about the church so we thought it was
a great opportunity to be able to do service for her and eventually
teach her and hopefully baptize her as well. She has a special needs
daughter and she is humbled from that and really nice. Her aunt was
there and told us she wanted us to work on Lindsey. Haha
After that we went to Historic downtown Fernandina (North Island) to
do our weekly planning because we were already in that area from
service. It's a really awesome place, lots of History, cool landmarks
and old fashioned looking places. Somewhere I would love to live
around and be near, harbor, tours, restaurants, shopping. It's just
awesome!! Haha but we just found a bench and planned for a while.
After that we ate at a popular place called Tasty's. Super good, real
hamburger, it's authentic and very good service and just feels like
old fashioned burger place. So after we ate we were on our way to
Amitys house and we saw some young black kids playing street ball so
we rode over and asked to play. Haha we played a game with them us two
verse them three. We would have creamed them but they restricted Elder
Jolley cause he was too tall. Haha we played with flat ball so that
was difficult! We placed a bet that if we won we could teach a lesson
to their family and if we lost we had to buy them a new basketball.
And we.... Lost. Haha it's difficult guarding three people! Haha so we
have to get them a basketball but it was a cool and fun experience
nonetheless. Then we went and talked to a religious crazy lady where
Jolley was getting super mad cause she wasn't understanding why we
need more doctrine, she thinks that the bible is the only way. It's
the Amy girl I talked about a while ago. She's crazy, then after that
we went to Amitys to give her daughter a blessing cause she was sick.
Then we talked for a little and had to bike home cause it was late.
But it was an all in all good day!! Lots of stuff happened! Haha the
key to missionary work is attitude. And sometimes I have a bad
attitude, and I know that's something I need to work on.

Sunday Oct 12th 2014

Today was a very simple day, woke up, got ready for church where I
finalized my talk on fasting, then we got picked up and went to
church. I really wasn't nervous at all. I guess that comes with being
a missionary, there is really nothing to fear in talking about
something you love. It was a piece of cake!! Haha I went over a little
but what else is new!! ;) haha everyone told me it was good, and so
I've learned to roll with that instead of thinking they are just being
nice. Haha cause maybe it was and it was just my self doubt which I
need to fix as well. Then we went to choir after church and it's
really fun!! Not just singing in melody but parts as well. I'm singing
as a tenner, whatever that means!! Haha but we are practicing Mary Did
You Know? Which is a really cool song!! Haha then we had a ward
council which is always good. Them we went home and planned some more.
We ate dinner and then went to see some investigators, we were only
able to talk to one person who has a baptismal date but then his mom
came home and we were talking to her and the spirit really was there.
It was amazing, as soon as her schedule frees up she is gonna come to
church because she's been looking but feels all the churches she goes
to is all about money! And ours isn't, it's like ooh ooh pick ours!!
Haha now we are home heating up chicken pot pies, and making candy
almonds! Haha  and that's the current time!! Haha

a tiny frog that somehow got into our apartment! :)

crazy comp!!!! Hahaha

 members house front porch and back (view from their dock)
amazing!!!! Their names are the Tellers.

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