Monday, October 27, 2014

Hola Everyone!

Week 5:

October 6, 2014

Hello world!!!

The beginning of this week was a little tougher, I have been
struggling with breaking out of my shell, but me and my companion had
a lengthly talk about it and it really helped. I have just been
feeling like the words I can say aren't good enough!! But every time I
have ever said anything the spirit was there stronger than ever and my
companion has said that! And I have noticed that throughout the week
so it has gotten a lot better and the work is moving forward and I'm
really happy about where I think things can go if I give myself fully
to the Lord.

So since my companion is the DL he has to go on exchanges and this
week I was left to take care of my area, and every lesson we had I
took the lead and taught it, so that was really good and boosted my
confidence in teaching lessons. So I really don't like putting if the
mission is tough or not cause that is depressing, but sometimes I feel
I need to or my letter won't be very long. And I got in trouble last

letter for a short letter!! Hahah

Biking around is the best!! I love biking and my bike is great and I
love biking along the beach and when I'm not by the beach I am in the
jungle!! Haha the Spanish moss is really cool and the humidity has not
been bad at allll!! It was actually colder today with like no
humidity! Like Cali!! Haha there has been a couple of storms but I've
only been in one storm biking. It was quite invigorating!! Haha but I
can't use my umbrella while I am biking and my poncho ripped so that
was of no use!! So eventually I will have to get a jacket of some kind
of rain protection.

I will send a picture of what my days are like, we plan them out and
anything that happens along that way aka the spirit. We add those in
the iPad later. Cause our iPad Is our area book. On pday we can do
lots, sports, sight seeing, shopping, cleaning. Lots, everything but
the beach. Haha sad day. Schedule routine is pretty much the same as
before. Up at 6:25, get ready, eat, study and training till 11 then
out the door. The rest is history!! Haha the food situation is
delish!!! I have gained roughly ten pounds!! Haha but there are no
signs yet. Haha if I keep eating so well it will start to show. Haha
this ward is seriously amazing, everyone in it is so willing and
helpful and great. Without willing members to help, missionaries jobs
would be a million times harder, so help them all you can, if you
don't have time... Make time and the Lord will bless you for your

So I think my emails are messed up cause I feel like I have already
sent an email about my schedule, but there it is again!! Haha I think
this one is probably better though!! Haha I will be adding a bunch
more pictures, so get ready for some emails. They come with 5 pictures
at a time. Haha and I have a short video of the storm. And I want mor
pictures guys, come on now, we have the technology, smart phones and
such, I like to save them on my iPad, if I can send some you can send
me some. And make sure these emails are getting to family. Unless they
are your personal ones!! Haha

I do know what I want though, I need a keyboard iPad cover cause
typing on this iPad will for sure give me carpool tunnel syndrome!!
Haha and then I could type longer emails cause I will be able to type
faster. Haha :) but that's for a later discussion, haha Christmas is
coming up!! ;) haha

Soo I had my first baptism on Sunday in between conference sessions,
and it was fantastic!!! Being a missionary really does open your eyes
to the importance and blessing of baptism. She is a wonderful lady and
she was so ready to take this step and her daughter is already excited
to get baptized... She is 6. Hahaha

I want to share with all of you at home the importance of bringing
people to church. If they have the desire and are interested in the
church but are struggling to make commitments and are unsure, do
EVERYTHING you can to get them to church, cause 1 out of every 2
people who come to the church and feel the spirit are baptized. And
they will feel the spirit, and that is powerful!! Church is essential
and baptism is even more essential, and if church leads to baptism,
then how important is church to non members!? IMPORTANT!!

That is my testimony to you and I testify that that is true, we are
all missionaries and we all must be courageous and not afraid to share
our faith, because this isn't our religion, it is our life!! I love
you all so very much!! Let me know if I missed anything! Haha


Elder Holt or as Siri calls me (captain) hahaha

3 of us in my district going to Jacksonville, one in the grey suit was my companion.

so this is the MTC, if you look at the buildings that look the
same, my building was in the middle row very left!! Haha


Food Desk!!! Haha

two of them going to Accra, Ghana

Our whole district, not including the sisters.

our teacher, brother Marsden. Awesome guy and teacher!

me and comp, last day at MTC.

Original copy of the Book of Mormon!!

Another Teacher and me and my comps mock investigator!

just a view! Haha

First arrived on my way to Fernandina Beach, just one of the
many bridges! Haha

My standard missionary on a bike picture!! Haha

A super cool dog at one of our investigators house named Sitka!

Our whole Zone... Find me!! :)
watching conference at a less actives!! (That talk was amazing)

beautiful beach that we can't walk on! Haha

quote I made from President Monsons talk.

typical week scheduled out.

first Baptism!! :))) her name is Amity, and her daughter Aria
and my companion!

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